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Leading the way for Energy Efficiency

What is Energy Efficiency ?

     Is getting the most out of your appliances whilest using the least amount of energy to achive this.

  • Charge appliances while turned off.
  • Use LED/Energy saver lamps.
  • Use decoration lights if the energy used is less then your main light.
  • Turn off appliances instead of putting them on standby.
  • Turn off lights, when not needed.

(LED lamps have the lowest energy consumption on the market at the moment.)

If your looking to cut down your energy useage please contact us today

5 Things to do to minimise your usage.

*Values may be slightly off due to fluctuating energy costs, calculations were done on 14p per unit

Energy Efficiency ..........

      Is a marvel of technology that has come on leaps and bounds over the pastfew years. But it is something everyone over looks from the production factories, high street shops and even our own homes.

Did you know?

A 60Watt lamp will cost on average 0.84p per hour to run.(20.16p a day)

A 9Watt LED will cost on average  0.12p per hour to run.(2.88p per day)

A 1Watt LED will cost on average 0.014p per hour to run.(0.34p a day)

So if we look further in to this a 60 Watt lamp may run on average for 5 hours a day, that is 4.2p, for a month its £1.26.

A 1Watt LED for the same times is 0.07p a day, for a month is 2.1p.

As you can see thats a huge saving of £1.24 roughly, and that is for only one lamp.

How many lamps do you have?

How do we go about being energy efficient?


     There are many simple thing's you can do to become energy efficent.

    Cut down on your wastage, if you see a tap running and not being used, instinctively you turn it off. Do the same for your electric, lights and appliances left on or standby waste the most electricity.

      For more information on how to become more energy efficent contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve this.

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